Tony Ferguson doesn’t want to retire from the UFC

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Tony Ferguson doesn’t want to retire from the UFC

The third convincing defeat in a row is not what would lead Tony Ferguson to look at his achievements and say that it was enough and that there is no point in damaging the reputation he has created and all the great results behind him.

Although Dana White also briefly commented on everything by saying that Ferguson's aging is the reason for everything, "El Cucuy" does not agree with that. Already at the end of the fight he was visibly disappointed with his performance and with allowing Dariush to overthrow and control him too easily.

Many believe that he has already shown his shortcomings in the previous two fights that his opponents have learned everything about him, and that is the biggest reason for the poor results. In just one year, he experienced a big drop.

Once one of the best in his category, he became someone who was recommended to retire "It's not over yet and I'm not giving up. I've actually looked at this as if it's just the beginning. To retire and afford peace to these a**holes? Not in my shift.

I'm just pissed now" Tony wrote on Instagram, adding thanks to all the hardcore fans who helped him get up while he was at the bottom.

Next opponent

In addition to all that, he attached a recording of some of his impressive actions, those that made him one of the fans of his favorite fighters.

The only question is how to further build Tony’s UFC career? Matchmakers have the opportunity to arrange a stylistically good match for him, in which his greatest qualities would come to the fore, so they can give him back some positive momentum.

But that way, over time, the fight against someone from the top would come again, and the question is whether Tony can change anything to prevent what was happening in the fight against Oliveira and Dariush, where he fell literally without a shot fired.

Although Ferguson seems he's not worried about previous defeats, he certainly feels a slight crisis now and is aware that he must win as soon as possible if he wants to be competitive in his category again. Given the confidence that is certainly not as it used to be, but also the strength, Ferguson will have to look for a slightly easier opponent, where he could parry the opponent during the match. It will be interesting to know his next opponent and the date of the fight