Dariush is shocked after the match with Ferguson

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Dariush is shocked after the match with Ferguson

Not so long ago Tony Ferguson was one of the best lightweight fighters and a man with an incredible run of 12 wins, but a look at ‘El Cucuy’ today reveals a different picture. Tony has not known about the victory since June 2019 and the meeting with Donald Cerrone.

After that, Ferguson was defeated, very convincingly, by Justin Gaethje, Charles Oliveira, and Beneil Dariush, who easily controlled him over the past 15 minutes of their fight in Houston last weekend. Most UFC fans are amazed at how once such a dominant fighter has become someone who can’t beat a single opponent.

And indeed, Ferguson is nowhere near the fighter he was, and he seems to be missing something in the game. Whether it’s actually a lack of motivation, after all, a lack of training, or a loss of desire for the UFC, we still don’t know.

"I will not tap," Ferguson wrote in response to the defeat, alluding to the 'heel hook' from the second round. In the same post on Instagram, Tony also posted several graphics, and through one of them, he asks - "Give up? Retire?"

Dariush on Ferguson

Ferguson's opponent Dariush can't seem to believe that the fight continued even after a painful attack in the second round ...

Dariush could not believe that Ferguson managed to continue the fight as if nothing had happened. It’s fascinating how Ferguson can sometimes resist his opponents, and fight to the very end. There still seems to be a “beast” in Ferguson that needs to wake up "I saw his grimace, repeated the same thing, but he just got into zombie mode and started shooting me.

How can you not tap on that heel hook?" "His knee popped out and it was heard loudly. I also saw him for a second changed his facial expression and then returned to normal. He started kicking me on the body and his upkick was very good, ”surprised by the strength of his opponent was Dariush.

"I don't even want to guess what happened to him. I hope it's nothing to do with the knee because this is exactly the situation where the ACL is suffering," added Beneil to whom this was the seventh consecutive victory in the UFC cage.

What follows for both participants in this duel? Ferguson will have to get out of this crisis urgently and to find a new opponent. It is necessary for him to see his mistakes and finally do something about his fights, if he wants to remain competitive in the UFC