Dana White on Jones: "The decision is on him"

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Dana White on Jones:  "The decision is on him"

The UFC will continue with or without Jon Jones. This is a clear message from Dane White to a fighter he personally still considers the best of all time. Jones seems to have tremendous respect from everyone in the UFC, and especially from Dan White.

However, this is not surprising given that we know how great a fighter Jones is, and he has succeeded as no one has so far, and rarely will anyone achieve such success. In addition to his statistics that show how good he is, his appearance, charisma, and self-confidence are another positive side of his personality.

White confirmed his opinion "Jones has to decide for himself whether to fight. No one is forcing him to do anything. Behind him is a successful career and an incredible legacy." "I personally see him as a GOAT, although now there are characters like (Kamaru) Usman who are dangerously close to him.

The decision is on him. He can fight this summer or he never has to fight again. It's all on him"White told a news conference. UFC president offered Jones several options. Francis Ngannou, that is, the attack on the heavyweight title was the first of them, but the former ruler of the light heavyweight category was looking for money that the UFC is not ready to offer him at the moment.


White then turned to Derrick Lewis as the next challenger and offered 'Bones' to Stipe Miocic. But that doesn’t seem to be a match Jon is willing to accept. Jones doesn’t want to give up on the UFC yet and is ready to fight.

Since we know how hard it is to fight Jones, it will be interesting to find out his opponent, who will have to prepare well if he wants to win. "Don't get excited, I'm not going to fight Stipe. I'm not here to fight him, but I'm going to defend the belt against him, I don't have any problems with that.

I'm looking for the biggest fight and I'm ready to wait. I'm 33 and I feel better than ever, ”Jones said recently. Who will ease up? It is difficult to predict at the moment, but it seems to us that both White and Jones are quite determined in their intention ...

"He can retire the same second and I will still consider him the best ever. Of course, until someone else reaches his achievement," Dana concluded. It will be interesting to follow the situation in the coming days