Dana White on Triller: "Don't ask me about those idiots"

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Dana White on Triller: "Don't ask me about those idiots"

Just hours before the start of the UFC 262 event, the world’s leading martial arts media announced the latest statement by thriller owner and president, Ryan Kavanaugh. Thriller is a new martial arts organization that currently deals with boxing events, primarily those with celebrities or veterans in the lead role, and Kavanaugh accused Dana White of banning Georges St-Pierre from a boxing match against Oscar De La Hoya.

After the great show was over and after Dana White answered questions related to the main fights at the press conference, the above mentioned topic followed. White did not answer a question concerning St-Pierre and Kavanaugh's statement but simply devoted himself to commenting on Thriller and what they represent and do.

"Don't ask me about these idiots, who cares about them? I don't care what they say? They think I care?" "I don't answer their calls. That idiot calls me every day and begs me to answer his calls, to talk to him but I feel sorry for you."

"For your own sake and leave me alone. Do whatever you do. I don't care about that and I'm not interested in talking to any of these idiots." "Let them do their job and stop talking about me. What do you care what I do? "White said angrily, only briefly mentioning De La Hoya as a man trying to bring fighters with empty promises.

Of course, the word idiot was not missing in his case either.


After trying to get an answer, White did another short monologue which was again just an open critique of the said fighting company. "What are you doing? I have no idea what you're doing or what you're trying to build.

What do I have to do with it? What have I got to do with any of these guys?" "Are you starting an MMA organization? Get out of me and do what you're already doing. Stop sending me messages, stop calling me and stop asking the media to ask me questions.

OK? Get lost! ", he finished before moving on to the next topic. Looking at these views, in fact, no one will be surprised if what is being said is true, that is, that White does not allow St-Pierre to mention the fight.

As you probably already know, despite his retirement, the Canadian is still contractually bound to the UFC and has no right to arrange any martial arts performances without a green light from his longtime employer.