Oliveira doesn't bother too much with the next opponent

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Oliveira doesn't bother too much with the next opponent

While every new champion has to face the media question about who he sees as his next opponent and first challenger, Charles Oliveira doesn’t seem ready for that. Still, he could not avoid it, after his victory had already been commented on by many fighters in the category, such as Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

Of particular importance here was McGregor's message, which in a way sounds like a call out. The Irishman has previously announced that after the third fight against Dustin Poirier, he intends to go to the title, and now he knows who would be on the other side in that case.

Still, Oliveira doesn't care at the moment. In fact, at an official press conference, after being asked about it, he gave Conor very useful advice. "Conor, take care of Dustin first. If you're already as dangerous and strong as you claim, you have to beat Dustin first, and then you can come to Brazil where I'll throw you on the ass."

"He has to pass Dustin first. I think there's only one of those who talk a lot. Let him win that fight first so we can talk, "the new champion said. Oliveira has an absolute right here, especially after McGregor was defeated by the same opponent in January.

Still, if he gets revenge on July 10, we can conclude that he will have the right to choose what he wants.


And somehow it looks like it would be a title fight. But then again, Charles has absolutely no intention of thinking about it for a while now.

It seems that Oliveira doesn't want to bother too much with that, and his goal is to enjoy what he is currently: and that is the champion of his category. Now he is waiting for a vacation in which he wants to enjoy to the maximum "I fought long and hard to get to where I am now.

Everyone is talking now about who will be next, Poirier or Conor." "I will leave that to my manager and go home on vacation," he revealed as he intends to enjoy his achievement. . This is actually the best attitude, as Oliveira can’t in any way influence what happens in the main fight of the UFC 264 event.

Once his question is resolved, the picture will be clearer, and then what the options are for the champion and what actually awaits him next. It is to be assumed that we will see him again in the Octagon in the autumn.