Tyson Fury asked Dana White to arrange a fight for Nick Diaz

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Tyson Fury asked Dana White to arrange a fight for Nick Diaz

Although the date of his match against Anthony Joshua has surfaced and it is known that there are exactly three months left until the big clash (August 14 in Saudi Arabia), Tyson Fury is still in California, where he can often be seen with various celebrities, like David Beckham.

But he claims he also trains regularly, and he seems to do so in a variety of places. So he visited Nick Diaz, with whom he did boxing sparring, but also a little wrestling, after which he decided to send a message via Instagram to those who decide on Nick's next fight.

"I'm here with my boy Nick Diaz. We're working and coming for all of you s***, we're going to break you. He's in great shape, he's ready. Give him a fight Dana, give him a fight!" Gipsy King said while Diaz stood beside him.

Diaz announced his return, after which he had a meeting with Dan White, who stated that he was not sure that Nick really wanted to fight and for that reason, he was not sure if he would organize a fight for him.

White and Diaz

At the same time, Dan Hardy, immediately after he was fired from the UFC, asked his former employer to fire Diaz as well, so the two of them could fight in Rizin.

Anyway, if Nick Diaz openly says he wants to fight, shouldn’t White, as a contracted fighter, provide it to him, rather than publicly questioning whether Nick really wants it? It is true that he has not fought since 2015, and his last victory dates back to 2011, but he has expressed a desire to do what is written in his contract.

Indeed, sometimes Dana White has weird actions, and we still don’t know why he doesn’t want to arrange a fight even though Diaz says publicly that he’s ready to fight, and looks like he’s in top form.

Obviously, there is something in the background that we do not know, and which could be discovered after a while. Diaz is a great fighter who wants his return and wants to show that he still knows how to fight. It will be interesting to find out his next opponent if there is a fight, but one thing is for sure: Diaz has a huge motivation and desire and now he just has to wait a bit to find out who he will meet in the ring. Of course, now it all depends on Dan White and his decisions