Uriah Hall and Sean Strickland at the UFC 265 event

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Uriah Hall and Sean Strickland at the UFC 265 event

The UFC middleweight has been getting more exciting lately, with new fighters reaching the top, but also in the ranks of others, especially on the verge of entering the rankings or the Top 10. So recently, two fighters see their ambitions in the fight for the throne and are now paired with each other in a fight to find out whose ambitions are more realistic.

These are Uriah Hall and Sean Strickland, who will be fighting at UFC 265 events. The 36-year-old Uriah Hall (17-9, 10-7 UFC) has long been someone who is considered to have not used his potential, but it’s possible that potential has finally started to be fulfilled, as for the first time in his UFC career he is within a four-win streak.

He achieved the last one this spring over Chris Weidman, but in a fight in which he did not make a single blow, but blocked Weidman's, after which the former champion broke his leg. Hall is currently ranked eighth in the middleweight challenger rankings, just below a string of those on one or two wins since attacking the title.


Hall will try to achieve his ambition by winning against Sean Strickland (23-3, 10-3 UFC), a fighter with a truly inspiring story. "Tarzan" is currently also within a series of four victories, but the last three he achieved after returning to fighting after a severe car accident he barely survived and a two-year recovery from it, after which many predicted he would not fight again.

After that he returned to UFC, being promoted to the middle category and presenting the best form in his career. The best things are yet to be expected from this 30-year-old. After finding his place in the rankings with his last victory, he will now be chasing a position in the Top 10.

The fight is actually a real little matchmaking masterpiece for the reason that it will be more than exciting to follow this fight. Hall's stand-up technique is amazing, especially if he has an opponent with whom he will be able to present it.

Strickland should be the one, as he will look for an opportunity through his boxing, which is adorned with great leg work and top direct, but also verbal provocations during fights, for which he is also known. UFC 265 is being held on August 7, and the location is unknown.

It is known that Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena will fight for the title of women's bantamweight category, but many hope that this is an event where Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis will find their place.