Luke Rockhold frustrated after most fighters refused to fight him

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Luke Rockhold frustrated after most fighters refused to fight him

Ever since July 2019, when he was knocked out by Jan Blachowicz during an attempt to attack the light heavyweight division, we have not seen Luke Rockhold in action. The 36-year-old former UFC middleweight champion has never mentioned how he will end his career, and lately, he confirms that this is no longer an option.

He has decided to return, but there is no contracting for the fight yet. He complained about this during a guest appearance on Mike Swick’s podcast. "It all comes down to the fact that I need to fight someone who wants to fight.

I want a Top 10 fighter who is willing to do it the right way. But a few people in the Top 10 already had excuses why they don't want to fight me." "What do they think they are to have the right to refuse a fight? What do they think, what status do they have? ", Rockhold commented on the situation in which the problem may be that he is not currently ranked.

That is not surprising because he recorded his last victory in the middleweight category back in September 2017, when he defeated David Branch.

Romero fight

His last appearance in middleweight was at the beginning of 2018, and after that the only mentioned fight against Blachowicz.

"I had my last fight against Yoel Romero who was overweight and it was a title fight, in Perth two and a half years ago. I dropped out of the rankings, even though it's not really like that." "I'm still here and everyone knows who I am and what I can do, so they’re actually looking for excuses because they don’t want a fight against me."

"We’ve been hunting down the ladder for a while and looking for something valuable, fun, and exciting, ”he commented on his status, yet missing one year since the fight against Romero. The fight would of course be much easier to find if there were no demands to which as a former champion he has right.

"I'm not ready to fight anyone. What I want is something that will bring me excitement, something that will also bring excitement to the fans and ultimately the most important thing - something that makes sense to me."

"I want to go back, but I also want to do it on the right way. I am here to confirm and prove myself. I know I have a lot more to give"