Cerrone will do another fight and his stay in the UFC depends on that

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Cerrone will do another fight and his stay in the UFC depends on that

Now we can conclude that Donald Cerrone will go down in history as perhaps the biggest UFC star who never reached the world championship belt. In that category, as high as him, we can perhaps place only Alistair Overeem and Mirko Filipović, who simply did not stay in the promotion for so long.

Unfortunately, last weekend he was defeated by Alex Morono, thus continuing his negative streak and for six fights he does not know about the victory. A mitigating circumstance for him is that he was preparing to fight against his former teammate, Diego Sanchez, and in the end he was greeted by a replacement, the extremely motivated Morono, who finished him with punches in the first round.

The question is what will happen to Donald, and the same was forwarded to Dana White by Brett Okamoto in his last interview with ESPN. "Cowboy did his thing once again. Diego dropped out of the fight, and he accepted a last-minute replacement, a co-title fight."

"And he originally accepted welterweight just because he agreed to it with Diego. He wants to get back into the lightweight division and do it another fight, and that’s what I intend to provide for him, ”White said.

Okamoto then posed a question that somehow realistically should have followed. If he doesn’t win, will it be his farewell fight? "Yes," White replied shortly.


Cerrone is already a UFC legend and a sure future member of the Hall of Fame.

He has become synonymous with a fighter who is ready to fight anytime and anywhere, regardless of his opponent or category. This approach brought him this status and a lot of fans, but in some situations it still hurt him in terms of ambition.

In 2010, he fought for the WEC promotion title, when Benson Henderson was better than him, and in 2015, he attacked the UFC title. That way, he did one of the worst fights in his career against Rafael Dos Anjos. With 37 UFC fights, he shares first place in the perennial rankings with Jim Miller, while in the rankings he wins first place with 23 UFC triumphs, one more than Demian Maija.

According to the number of victories with stoppage (16) he also shares the first place, this way with Charles Oliveira. Oliveira is his closest follower in terms of the number of bonuses, where Donald is also first. There are 18 of them, and the Brazilian has two less.

True, it's pitty for Cerrone to end his career in that way, but he will certainly remain a UFC legend without a trophy.