Jon Jones does not want a fight against Miocic, he has other plans

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Jon Jones does not want a fight against Miocic, he has other plans

It doesn’t take long for Jon Jones to react as soon as Dana White mentions his name in any context. Especially when it comes to proposing some fight for the most successful fighter in history, and the UFC president did just that.

In the last interview, he confirmed that Jones' situation is not defined at the moment, but that he could fight Stipe Miočić. Of course, he also confirmed that Derrick Lewis is the next opponent for Francis Ngannou.

Jones denied it in his own way. He posted several messages on Twitter, which he left "alive" long enough for the media to notice them, after which he deleted them, as expected. "Don't get excited, I'm not going to fight Stipe.

I'm not here to fight him, but I'm going to defend the belt against him, it's not a problem." "I'm looking for the biggest fight and I'm ready to wait. I'm 33 and I feel better than ever. I’m just going to keep killing myself at training, ”Jones originally wrote.

After that, he could not avoid the question of why he would not fight against Miocic, since the fight against the greatest heavyweight is unquestionably great.

He wants to fight Ngannou

Jones doesn't think so, though.

He knows what he wants. The UFC knows that too, and they share that desire with him. But negotiations are as difficult as ever. In fact, all these announcements are part of these same negotiations, only in a way that the public has an insight into what Jones is trying to say to his employers.

Jones seems to be provoked by the various statements that come to him, and he wants to prove that he is not what they think he is. It is as if Jones is more interested in another fight than a fight with Miocic "I'm tired of listening to the same sh*t all the time, how I'm not a big star enough, how I'm not securing broadcast sales enough.

I'm willing to do such fights and bring it to the UFC." "The world wants to see action black against black and I'm willing to give it to them." , hereby confirmed that Ngannou and the title held by the Cameroonian is what interests him.

Stipe Miocic will probably rest for a while, but it is to be expected that we will see him again this year, probably sometime in early autumn. After all, the newborn arrives in the family in August and that is his priority now. Until then, maybe the whole heavyweight picture is could be clearer.