Dana White spoke about UFC plans for Miocic

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Dana White spoke about UFC plans for Miocic

Stipe Miočić recently delighted all his fans by saying that he will definitely come back and try to reach the top of the UFC again. He announced a return to the old weight, the one with which he perfectly matched Francis Ngannou in their first fight.

This is great news, especially since Miocic is still needed by the heavyweight division. Even more so because he is the greatest heavyweight in UFC history. That’s a statement UFC President Dana White agrees with. During a recent interview with ESPN with Brett Okamoto, White was asked what his plans were for Stipe.

"Not a lot of people thought Stipe was the greatest heavyweight of all time, but he absolutely is. He put in an incredible amount of effort and did everything it took to become the greatest." "He's the greatest and that's a fact.

I don't know what to do with him, but I'm glad he's motivated and he wants to fight again, "White said. After that, he revealed his plans, especially after saying shortly before that he wasn’t sure in which direction things were going with Jon Jones, confirming that Derrick Lewis would be Francis Ngannou’s next opponent.

Stipe vs Jones

In that case, the option is a fight that has been talked about before, while Stipe was still on the throne. “There’s also an option to do Jon’s fight against Stipe,” White added briefly with a smile on his face.

Miocic will certainly not instantly get a rematch or a new attack on the title. Against whoever he matches, it will be his first match since January 2016 that is not for the title. Now it’s just a question of whether UFC plans to give him the main fight some Fight Night or possibly the “co-main” event of a big show.

It would depend on whether the fight will be in three or five rounds, but we believe that Miočić will not care. The most important thing will be to get him a chance to return to the throne as soon as possible. Certainly, the defeat by Ngannou did not demotivate him, and it seems that Miocic plans to come for the title again.

A fighter of this caliber always aims for the biggest, and that is the title. Miocic still has the knowledge as before, and it is only necessary to return to the right form. It will be interesting to find out his next opponent, who will surely have a difficult task.