Giga Chikadze wants to fight against Max Holloway

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Giga Chikadze wants to fight against Max Holloway

It is not easy for Giga Chikadze to reach the status of a UFC fighter. In fact, on the way to the world's largest organization, he stumbled twice. This fighter has won numerous medals in karate and is nicknamed "Ninja" for a reason, but that did not help him in his MMA debut when he was defeated at the WSOF promotion in 2015, and then in the summer of 2018, when he tried to come to the UFC via the "Contender Series"

Still, two successful performances after the show brought him a call from the UFC, and then his rise began. He made his successful debut in September 2019, so after that, he performed four times last year. Particularly impressive were his three "post lockdown" appearances and thanks to them he had a fight against Cub Swanson, on the first day of May 2021.

And then came the most impressive victory of his career, as he finished an experienced opponent with an attractive technique at the very beginning of the fight. The epilogue is a place in the Top 10 ranking of the lightweight category, and then the question of who would be his dream fight, which was asked to him by a TMZ journalist:

Max Holloway

"Certainly Max Holloway.

This year I was a co-commentator on his fight against Calvin Cattar and it was one of the best performances of this category I've ever watched." "On every one of his crazy moves, I said I wanted to fight him.

After that I got a lot of messages about how I will lose from him and that motivates me even more ", said the Georgian, adding: "I think I'm the best hitter in this organization. I'd like to challenge him and fight him and show the world how good I am.

I believe I'm the best in the world and also better than him." "And I want to prove it. It doesn't matter if it will be a fight in three or five rounds, I only give him two anyway. I believe I can finish him by the end of the second round.

" In order to try to get to that fight as easy as possible, he immediately sent a message to Holloway: "Max, you were the champion, you fought the best of the best. I'm a new name and I think I'm the opponent you need.

I know you're looking for the title, but this would be a fight that the fans would enjoy the most." From a technical point of view, this would be a great fight. From a realistic point of view, we think that Giga, with his ranking and victories, has not yet reached the position to look for this fight.