Morono on Cerrone: "He's still in that game, I saw it in his eyes"

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Morono on Cerrone: "He's still in that game, I saw it in his eyes"

When 30-year-old Alex Morono (19-7, 8-4 UFC) received an offer to become Donald Cerrone’s replacement opponent just a week before the fight, he didn’t think long. Being one of the smaller welters, he had no problem losing weight and trying his luck against the legend of freestyle wrestling.

Especially after he wasn't lucky to beat Anthony Pettis last December. The decision was great, as Morono ended the fight with punches at the end of the first round. The referee gave Cerrone more chances to get back into the fight, but he recognized when it was over.

Cerrone thus came into an unenviable situation, as this was his sixth fight in a row without a win. But Morono believes he is not the one who ended his career. He confirmed that to the media immediately after the fight that took place last weekend.

"I think he can still be competitive. He can do at least one more fight, I hope the UFC will give him the privilege of choosing his final path himself," Morono said, commenting on what he gave Cowboy himself: "I don't think this was exactly the perfect match for him, looking at his style and the career stage he's in."

Cerrone still wants to fight

Cerrone immediately said that he was not finished and that he did not want to leave in this way, that he did not want to conclude his legacy in that way and no one could blame him for that.

Morono hopes it will be just that and that Donald will end his career as a winner. And he adds how he felt about it. "If he wants, he can get a fight in which he will be able to win. When I hit the right crochet, I put all the strength I have into him.

I think before the end of the fight I hit two or three of them, blows with which I usually easily break people, and he stayed on his feet." "He's still in that game, I saw it in his eyes. It can be seen when someone no longer has what it takes.

I watched him before and after the fight, he's still inside, "Morono said what he saw "Give him Joe Lauzon or Jim Miller. They're still active guys and fighters in the game, and it would be a fun veteran fight.

If anyone deserves to pick their own moves in the UFC, then it's Cowboy," Alex concluded. Cerrone had already fought Miller in July 2014 and celebrated with a stoppage. Interestingly, the two of them are also the fighters with the most UFC fights in history.

Interestingly, he never fought against Lauzon, although they both made a very significant number of appearances in the Octagon.