Michael Bisping believes the UFC needs a new category

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Michael Bisping believes the UFC needs a new category

No one likes to watch the problems and torment that fighters face during weight loss. Certain solutions, such as the introduction of new categories, could alleviate the problem to some extent. Of course, there will always be those who will nevertheless exhaust the body to the extreme, but there will definitely be those who will find a new and healthier home in the new categories.

Legendary Michael Bisping, a former UFC middleweight champion, believes that with the introduction of just one additional category, a big step towards better times would be made. The popular 'The Count' thus suggested in a conversation with the MMA Junkie portal that the UFC introduces a cruiserweight category based on the example of boxing.

"I'd like everyone to move to one more category and introduce cruiserweight. The UFC does a really good job of running a promotion without my participation, but in my humble opinion, it's a cruiserweight category they have in boxing as well - let's say it's a category up to 99.8 kg (220 lbs) ", suggested Bisping and explained what effect this could have on other weight classes: "In that case, all the heavyweights can stay in the heavyweight, the fighters from the ligh heavyweight to the cruiserweight, the welters could fight in the middleweight, and those from the middleweight move to the light heavyweight, because that's basically what everyone does."

Losing weight

"I used to participate in light heavyweight, but I started to lose weight and fight in middleweight. And that is bad for the fighter, especially in preparation because then the whole camp becomes obsessed with losing weight."

"So things should not work.The focus should be on training you prepare for the opponent." "In addition, we are witnessing the fatigue that occurs in the fights due to weight loss. Not everyone, but we see that some slow down in the third or second round.

It is harder and you endure the blows." "I felt it myself and I know that I could not receive it due to weight loss kick the way. I could as a light heavyweight. If everyone could move to a higher ... But it's still not that simple because there's no one to supervise it.You just need to stop being a pu**y and fight in your natural category” Mike concluded.

Will the UFC ever introduce a new category (s)? We doubt it, but there are more and more changes in sports today, so this change would not cause surprise, and certainly it might be a good option for fighters.