Bizarre footage of Fabio and Sanchez’s workouts appeared on social media

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Bizarre footage of Fabio and Sanchez’s workouts appeared on social media

It’s still a hot story about the UFC’s breakup with legendary Diego Sanchez, and his controversial mentor Joshua Fabia has managed to shock the MMA world once again. The new bizarre video by the head of the "School of Self-Awareness" has once again drawn criticism and public outrage and served as perfect proof to those who claim to be a fraud who is systematically ruining the career of one of the most famous MMA faces.

In the video, which has since been deleted, but whose individual shots can still be found on social networks, you can see Diego hanging upside down and serving his coach as a punching bag. There was also slapping, and at one point Fabia started using kicks as well.

The shots, which shocked the martial arts community, provoked the wrath of celebrities, and Conor McGregor's message resonated in particular. The former UFC champion first posted on Twitter and then deleted messages in which he had something to say to both Diego and Fabia.

"This is just madness. I'll break this thing nose in half. This not the move Diego, my bro. I been with ye the wholey way, and still am. But this is not on. It was unfair treatment by commentary and fans on your last perferomances imo, for sure.

But not on this guy, 0-0. Ditch."

New coach

Most believe Diego made the worst possible move when he hired new coach Joshua Fabio who caused him big problems and which is the main reason for his departure from the UFC.

Diego will only worsen his status in MMA and lose the popularity he had. Certainly, the best move is if he decides on a new coach and starts training in an adequate way, because really what Fabia is doing is not normal. Diego is aware of the public pressure, but he is still not making any moves, and he seems to be happy with his coach.

Still, he will hardly be able to deny all the messages he receives, but we will wait a while to see if Diego is aware of what mistake he made. If he changes coaches maybe it could be a return ticket to the UFC, although for now there are a lot of things he would have to change and correct the mistakes he made.

Really a shame for such a fighter who had a great career and was able to continue in that direction, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan