Diego Sanchez claims the UFC could kill him!

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Diego Sanchez claims the UFC could kill him!

Diego Sanchez is one of the most famous fighters in UFC history, the first, original ‘The Ultimate Fighter' and a man who spent as much as 16 years in the famous Octagon. But suddenly and in somewhat strange circumstances, at the end of April and some 10 days before his appearance at UFC Vegas 26, the leading MMA promotion canceled Sanchez's fight with Donald Cerrone and fired the legendary veteran.

Why? There are several theories, and the loudest ones include the UFC's attitude towards Sanchez's controversial mentor Joshua Fabia, and in recent days, Diego's health concerns have been cited as the main reason.

Allegedly ‘The Nightmare’ and his team failed to confirm to the UFC that the 39-year-old American does not suffer from short-term or long-term medical problems, especially those related to neurological health.

So, the final UFC decision came after a discussion involving Fabio and UFC Executive Vice President Hunter Campbell, who expressed concern for Sanchez’s health and TO after Fabia asked for all medical records from Diego’s UFC career to be ceded to him.

Shortly after parting ways with the UFC, Sanchez spoke about the whole situation in a very unusual, paranoid and disturbing interview he gave for SiriusXM’s MMA Today. In the conversation, in which he mostly took the lead, Diego revealed that because of certain criticism, as well as everything he knows about the UFC, he fears for his own life.

"I'm afraid for my own life. I'm afraid this company, a billion-dollar company with a monopoly, will follow me. Something could happen to me in, say, two years." "Maybe in a few years. Maybe I'll crash my truck somewhere or there may be a story that I overdosed or committed suicide.

I don't know. There's a certain level of evil in that corporation," Sanchez said paranoidly. Sanchez also said that there is, as he called him, a "Wizard of Oz" who manages the media presentation of content related to the promotion.

He also complained that social networks are being manipulated through bots and fake followers. “If I were to discover some things I’m familiar with ... Because I’ve been in it longer than everyone else and I’m the only one who survived it, who went through a dark tunnel and came out the other side,” Sanchez adds.

Diego called White

On this occasion, Diego called Dana White, the UFC president accused him of avoiding the meeting, and told him to "be a fuc*ing man." "I've been trying to meet you for two years. So I was the first Ultimate Fighter.

Didn't that show do something for a company that was in $ 60 million heavy debt." " And you can't meet your boy? I spent 60,70 hours at the UFC Performance Institute just to get to a meeting with you, but you don't want to."

"You don't want to hear what I have to say? You don't want to talk to my crazy manager? Why? Maybe because you could be aware of that." "What are you hiding in the dark? Dana, I'm still open for a meeting.

Be a fuc*ing man. Be a real fuc*ing boss when I already bled, sweated and cried for this fuc*ing company." "I've sacrificed more than you will ever you know, and you can’t find 45 minutes for me”Sanchez told the UFC president.