Cerrone: "I've never seen the UFC fire someone because they're crazy"

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Cerrone: "I've never seen the UFC fire someone because they're crazy"

Just ten days before the fight between Donald Cerrone and Diego Sanchez was supposed to take place, there was a change. The fight was canceled, and a day later Sanchez was no longer part of the UFC. And that’s where Diego’s series of accusations against the UFC began.

In fact, even before the fight was canceled, he posted a recording of his coach Joshua Fabia’s conversation with UFC commentators, followed by Fabia’s phone conversation with UFC lawyer Hunter Campbell. That something was wrong with Diego could easily be deduced from the fact that he considered these revelations incriminating against the UFC, and in fact, both only confirmed that the UFC made the right move by deciding to "give him the papers", paying him a fee which he was to receive for the last fight, with the addition of a victory bonus.

Of course, it was not guaranteed to him. However, that is not all that matters, so Diego even said yesterday that he believes the UFC will try to kill him because of the information he has leaked about them. Most people feel sorry for Diego, as it’s not clear to them how Fabia took control of him.

That self-proclaimed coach and head of the "School of Self-Awareness" acted on Diego so that he left the Jackson Winkeljohn team, of which he was a longtime member, immediately waging war with them, and Diego's media appearances were increasingly worrying.

Cerrone on Diego

It all resulted in the aforementioned cancellation of the fight against Cerrone, who can only say that he also regrets his former colleague. "It's hard to be mad at him because I don't think he's the one riding this horse.

I think he's blinded, and this new guy, his new lover, is showing him the way." "I don't know if I can be mad at that guy, or the old guy, I should call him that. That lover and leader of his cult have taken his life.

I'm sorry, Diego, "Cerrone told a media gathering before the UFC on ESPN 24 event, adding something about replacing opponents: "I've never seen the UFC fire someone because they're crazy. This is the first time.

But this isn't my first time. I've made a career in short-notice fights. By the way, I'm the one who jumps in, so I'm glad it's Alex this time is the one who is willing to do it against me. " Alex Morono jumped into the fight against the Cowboy after being defeated by Anthony Pettis last December.

I f we don’t count the annulled, initially undecided fight against Nice Price, Pettis is also Donald’s last opponent. Both were overcome by the current PFL member by a referee's decision.