Colby Covington called out Poirier and McGregor

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Colby Covington called out Poirier and McGregor

Conor McGregor in the welterweight division and the fight with Kamaru Usman? Although the famous Irishman recently announced this as a possibility, Colby Covington does not believe in those plans at all. The controversial American fighter and one of the best welters in the world was a guest on the What the Heck show, and on that occasion, he talked about the former UFC champion, but also about Dustin Poirier.

"I haven't seen it, but I've heard it and I think it's obvious that Conor is trying to make some kind of hype and make headlines. Come on, please ... He was just knocked out by 'Dustin Sorry-er' Are you serious?" "Attack on the welterweight belt? Well, you're being beaten by gatekeepers in a lightweight, and now you want to get into the welterweight category? It's clear to everyone what he's doing and that he won't actually do it."

"He's not going to fight a welterweight. He's just asking for attention. He's actually a joke. He's the subject of ridicule in the MMA community. Even casual fans say he's worn out and done." "He made all that money with his whiskey, with the fight against Mayweather and there's no motivation there anymore," Colby said.


We’ll be watching McGregor’s next appearance on July 10 in the UFC 264 main event. Covington predicts another defeat for him that day, but don’t think that’s why he praised his next opponent Dustin Poirier.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I'm saying Dustin Sorry-ier is good or special. Because he's not. The character is a lightweight gatekeeper. Nothing more than that." Covington did not choose words when he spoke of Poirier whom he called a clown, and that he is in fact a fake person "Well, the man is knocked out and beaten up in all the major fights.

He's a 'fake' .He’s a clown who started a charity and says he does everything because of ‘The Good Fight’ foundation and the kids." "No, that’s not the case. He avoids paying taxes.

Tell people the truth, I know your real face. You’re behind the scenes one garbage from a person and pretending to be better than people with an ego." "So don't think you're special just because you beat 'Conman McGregor'

And that's after his time is up, "Covington concluded. Of course, we can expect the answer of these two fighters soon, and especially McGregor, who is known for rarely keeping quiet about anyone.