Cormier believes Jones did not deserve a fee like Conor McGregor

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Cormier believes Jones did not deserve a fee like Conor McGregor

The honorarium that Jon Jones would earn for the fight against Francis Ngannou is the main reason why that fight has not yet been contracted. In fact, no work has been done on it, as Jones and the UFC each hold their own side.

Namely, they both said that they do not intend to be the part that will be the first to respond and at the moment everything is based on that. This interesting and current topic came up within the DC & Helwani show on ESPN, and it’s always worth hearing the attitude of former Jones ’big rival, Daniel Cormier.

"Jon Jones deserved his money. He did great things for this sport, but does Jones have in mind maybe that figure isn't very realistic? It's a question, since I know they intend to pay him well," Cormier said, and after that he draw a comparison with the world's most popular fighter: "I don’t know how much Conor McGregor earns, but I hear it’s $ 15 million for a performance and a complete “pay per view”.

If Conor earns $ 15 million, Jones shouldn’t be earning as much as Conor earns." "If that’s the situation, I think Jones should be one level below that.Is he supposed to make money like Khabib? If Khabib gets ten million, then yes!" "I just don't believe he should get as much as McGregor gets.

There should still be some difference because we know what McGregor means to the company. But eight to ten million dollars? I think that makes sense. "


He further explained his position with an opinion on the UFC’s intentions.

He believes the UFC would be willing to pay Jones the above figure, as long as it is not equal to how much the biggest star earns. But Jones seems to be shooting at just that, as he has previously stated that “GOAT” should be paid in accordance with that status, which would mean the most in the company.

"I'm one hundred percent convinced they're willing to give him ten million to fight Ngannou." "I believe that, and that would be real money for him because he's never gotten that much before. He said he got five million, right? Then this would be twice as much for him, ”DC concluded.

Although it was mentioned that Jones was asking for exactly ten million dollars, he denied that figure shortly after it appeared in public, claiming that he still had not mentioned anything. But that something is not under his control can be assumed after the decision he received regarding the management.

Namely, after a full 11 years, he broke off cooperation with the Kawa brothers, who took care of the business aspect of his career throughout.