Jiri Prochazka: "I'm not thinking about the title"

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Jiri Prochazka: "I'm not thinking about the title"

Jiri Prochazka already last year, after the first UFC fight, showed that he is a fighter who will pay off in the future, but after the second fight and victory against Dominic Reyes, he became a name that everyone will instantly remember.

The leading candidate for the title attack he became with a beautiful performance and a brutal knockout. Immediately after the fight, he had his few minutes on the TV, where he was initially asked by Paul Felder about his attractive fighting style, but also the style within which he received a few punches where a lot could have gone in the wrong direction.

"My goal is to show the beauty of this art, but sometimes I hurry too much to win so I get punches I shouldn't. These are mistakes, but I'm still learning from fight to fight," Jiri said, immediately turning to the source of the blow that ended the fight.

: "I received some of his counterattacks and didn't have time to think about what to actually do. I was within some sequence of my own when I thought for a moment that I might try a circular elbow strike." Before the fight, Dana White said that he thinks that the winner could be the next challenger, and after such a performance, Prochazka is automatically promoted.

In fact, the mention of it surprised him, but he is willing to accept the opportunity if the UFC awards it to him. "I like my neighbor Blachowicz, and he's fighting Glover now. A winner as my next opponent? That would be a great honor for me.

I'm ready to fight the champions, let's do it," he replied.

Title ambitions

He is one of those fighters who gathered a lot of experience before coming to the UFC, that is, he did as many as 29 fights before entering the Octagon for the first time.

But the positive thing is that he gathered experience, and also did not have to break through a kind of level of opponents within the promotion. "My pre-UFC career is credited with this. I built and progressed to be ready to win the title when I came to the UFC.

I intend to do that modestly and honorably," he announced his further journey before heading to the locker room. He later came to a press conference where automatically the first question was about his championship ambitions.

"I don't think so much about the title, matchmaking, or anything like that. My priority this time is to enjoy fighting dangerous opponents, to share the arena with such fighters, and this fight was one of those."

"I enjoyed Dominick's style of fighting and his IQ. I’ve met some new things and I’ve learned a lot, I know what else I need to do, ”-Prochazka concluded