Dana White revealed the reason for parting with Diego Sanchez

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Dana White revealed the reason for parting with Diego Sanchez

Just ten days before he was supposed to do a UFC on ESPN 24 fight against Donald Cerrone, which was supposed to be his last in his career, Diego Sanchez was removed from the same and fired from the UFC. As much as it was a surprise, many actually guessed what happened, especially after the latest footage that “Nightmare” posted on Instagram, in which we see his coach Joshua Fabia’s verbal attack on UFC commentators.

Just since Diego started collaborating with that head of the “School for Self-Awareness,” a lot has changed in his life. A man who has almost no contact with serious martial arts influenced one legend so that this one began to accept his every advice as sacred.

Other fighters and fans watched it with disbelief and rarely did anyone hesitates to call Fabio a manipulator. Such is the attitude of Dana White, who confirmed to Yahoo Sports that Fabio was the reason for the split between the UFC and Diego before he managed to end his career in promotion, of which he was a member for 15 years.


True, this is cruel in many ways, but obviously, Fabio has become such a big problem. "I have a great relationship with Diego, I like him very much and I hope he is well. But one of the saddest things that can happen to him, and not just in martial arts and that's where I want you to definitely quote me, is when some creepy freaks show up and no one knows where they come from and they become bloodsuckers of their lives, ”commented the angry and very disappointed White, adding: "Somehow that creepy weirdo got into Diego's life and started controlling him.

You saw the footage of him hunting people around the Octagon with a knife." "How crazy is this guy? He comes to the commission and tells them how Diego learned the touch of death. That's it. The guy goes on and on."

"He comes to a production meeting and then he tells the commentators what they should say? That guy is not normal. Unfortunately, he got into Diego's life and started to control him. I really wish Diego all the best.

" Sanchez revealed via social media that he intends to pursue a career and offered his services to various promotions. The only question is who is willing to offer him something, looking at how he looks lately in the arena, but also off it.