Reyes explained the reason for his defeat against Blachowicz

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Reyes explained the reason for his defeat against Blachowicz

Dominick Reyes entered 2020 as a challenger for the light heavyweight title. According to many, he was supposed to win the same in February of the same year, when he opposed Jon Jones. Indeed, according to some majority opinion, he took the first three rounds of that fight, but not according to the referees.

However, he quickly got a second chance, after Jones left the title. At the end of September, he entered the fight against Jan Blachowicz as a clear favorite, but he lost that fight by knockout towards the end of the second round.

So he is currently within a series of two defeats and in a situation where the third is not an option. For MMAFighting, he recalled that fight and what actually happened in the clash with the Pole. "Everything that could have gone wrong in that fight went wrong.

That's a good lesson for me in the end. I'm still young and just getting into my best years." "I think there's a lot of fun ahead of me. A lot of people have been writing me off lately. Almost like I died.

I was just knocked out and that's it, "he began, continuing: "Few people know I got into a fight with a broken nose. I don't like to say that because it sounds like an excuse, and I hate them. But he barely hit my nose, and he started to fall apart."

"At that point, I felt like I needed something or the fight will be stopped. I went for all or nothing and in the end, I didn't win that exchange. "

Blachowicz and Prochazka

He believes that Blachowicz deservedly became the champion and that he still has the same deserved status.

"Jan made a phenomenal performance that night. Then he defended the title against Israel, who tried to climb into the category and that win was actually great for all of us in the division, it secured our respect."

"He is a great champion at the moment and I respect him very much." , he added. After the Pole, the next opponent is Czech. In the main fight of the UFC on ESPN 23 event, he will be joined by Jiri Prochazka on the other hand.

Reyes has suddenly become a mild outsider, but he doesn’t even think about it. "Right now I feel fantastic and I'm ready. I feel like before the fight against Chris Weidman. I feel fresh and the love for the sport is like the first day again.

Before the last fight, I didn't enjoy what I was doing, it was all like I was at work." , started that way and then turned to the opponent: "I think it's a great pairing. It's exciting and crazy. He also enjoys what he does.

It's going to be a great fight because he likes to fight and he's very tough." "But my experience will show in this fight. He'll see that this is the UFC, not Rizin. No offense to the guys from Rizin, but we're on another level."

"I'm going to have a wonderful performance. And Jiri will do a great fight, but it won't be enough for him."