Derrick Lewis thinks he will win against Ngannou by knockout

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Derrick Lewis thinks he will win against Ngannou by knockout

If Derrick Lewis' announcements come true, he should be Francis Ngannou's opponent this summer in the first defense of the heavyweight title, which Predator took away from Francis Ngannou in late March. T This was actually expected when we see the “negotiations” going on between the UFC and Jon Jones, who would still be their first choice in terms of opponents for Francis.

But Jones and the promotion are far from an agreement, so the Houston guy will try to take his second chance to win the title in that case. What kind of fight we could watch is hard to conclude. Already when they met at the UFC 226 event in July 2018, top-notch action was expected, but we could see one of the most passive heavyweight fights in UFC history.

Lewis believes that something like that won't happen. "It's going to be a fun fight, we both learned a lot from the first one. Also, we've both made a lot of progress, so I have no doubt the fight will be good."

"Too many rounds have been contracted for that fight. It will be five rounds, so it certainly won't get to the lullaby." "Five rounds of waving and hitting and it will be interesting to see that. I'm excited", Lewis announced the fight in a conversation with Ariel Helwani, within which he actually revealed how the fight was offered to him and waiting for Ngannou to pick a date.


Of course, he sees the road to victory by knockout and does not hide it. After all, he is the owner of the most knockout victories in UFC history, so he can't expect anything else. But the question arises when he thinks this could happen.

"Now I'm going to say it's going to happen in the first exchange of blow, I'm going to knock him out in the first exchange. I almost did it to Curtis Blaydes too, but he got on his bike and ran away."

"I feel it in my heart, especially if he gets into a fight as he has entered against some other fighters, especially if he is like in the fight against the Rozenstruik. If he tries to fight me in the same way, I have no doubt that I will succeed in that, "Black Beast added.

Unlike Ngannou, whose chin hasn't been tested too much so far, Lewis has received a lot of punches in his career so far, and he was finished four times with punches. This was done to him by Matt Mitrione, Shawn Jordan, Mark Hunt, and Junior Dos Santos.

Still, he is confident he can withstand what Ngannou serves, while he is also confident that the Cameroonian will not stay on his feet if he hits him. Anyway, we are smiling at the fight of two great heavyweights with real bombs in their hands.