Johnson: "Yoel is the most dangerous fighter I've ever met."

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Johnson: "Yoel is the most dangerous fighter I've ever met."

Although the main fight of the Bellator 258 event, which takes place in Uncasville on May 7, is the one in which Juan Archuleta will defend the bantamweight title against Sergio Pettis, for most fans, but also the media, the main and most important is the remaining quarterfinal fight of the Grand Prix light heavyweight categories.

Of course, this is a fight whose pairing resonated like a bomb, as Anthony "Rumble" Johnson and Yoel Romero will stand across from each other, a duo ranked among the strongest and most vicious hitters in the history of the sport.

A returnee to MMA against a newcomer from the UFC, where until recently he was at the very top of then still middleweight division, and he was a multiple challenger for the title. Johnson has not fought since April 2017, when he retired after a failed second attack on the UFC title and also a second defeat by Daniel Cormier.

The man who, in addition to Cormier, fought against Teixeira, Bader, Manuwa, Gustafsson, Arlovski, Belfort, and many others, announced the fight as a fight with the toughest opponent so far. "If we don't count my training partners, I could call Yoel the most dangerous fighter I've ever met.

I think he really is. And he's the only man I'm thinking about right now." "Kudos to everyone who made it to the semifinals, but I'm not interested in fighting them. My focus is on Yoel. I have to defeat that monster before I dedicate myself to the others, "Johnson said during a media gathering ahead of the Bellator 258 event.


Extremely, therefore, 37-year-old Johnson appreciates the seven-year-old Romero and the exam he is waiting for. Many are wondering if he will be motivated enough, after being at the very top of the UFC for so long and after being left without the already contracted fight against Jon Jones.

That should be something that is not easy to forget. "I'm still at a high level of competition. Of course, I'm sad I didn't fight Jon Jones, but that's in the past now. I don't think about it anymore."

"The only ones who mention it are the fans and the media. I don't, because it was and it will go down in history as one of the fights that should have happened but never did." "I always told myself I didn’t want to be one of those stories, but unfortunately I became.

Yet now I have my hands full of equally important and hard work. Jones has not been a part of my life for years, Bellator is in front of me now, "he announced. The winner of this fight in the semifinals will face champion Vadim Nemkov, while Ryan Bader and Corey Anderson will meet in the second semifinal.