Chris Weidman denied that he was happy about Anderson’s injury

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Chris Weidman denied that he was happy about Anderson’s injury

Chris Weidman could not stand the insults coming these days. Many people have contacted Weidman and feel that his broken leg is actually karma for what happened a few years ago. Namely, in 2013 Anderson Silva broke his leg and many said that Weidman celebrated Silva’s leg fracture.

Viewers seemed to misinterpret what happened that night, as Weidman initially thought he had blocked Anderson's shot well, but it turned out to be a fracture Weidman decided to respond to such provocations: “Anyone saying I celebrated when Anderson’s leg snapped is entirely wrong.

I didn’t know his leg snapped. I just thought I checked his leg kick good, and he went down in pain, which often happens in sparring." "Painful for a short time, but gets better quickly – kind of like a body shot.

After circling the octagon, I realized that he was in severe pain by his yelling and immediately went and checked on him and tried to console him." "That’s when I noticed him holding his leg in place. There was no happiness on my behalf from that point on."

At that moment, he realized that he had misinterpreted what had happened "I then went and pushed security out of the way so his coaches could get into the octagon and he could have some familiar faces next to him during that horrific event”.

- Weidman said, as quoted by mmajunkie


Weidman's recovery appears to be going according to plan, and he should recover faster than previously thought. Weidman showed his strength and endurance in the hospital as well.

As he says, he feels big pain, but he seems to want to fight and he wants to speed up his recovery so that we can watch him in the ring as soon as possible. "The PT team got me to walk with a walker today. Not fun. Also, my bladder numbers were high, and I couldn’t go to the bathroom, so they told me I would have to get a catheter."

"I don’t want that, so I told them to give me an hour, and if I couldn’t do it by then, they could do Catheter. Thank God I was able to get it done." "After deep concentration for an hour, I could pee that out, so I didn’t have to get the catheter.

The reason why it was so hard is that I’m doing it lying down, and I have Anesthesia and painkillers in me. ?"