Weidman: "I’m trying to find happiness in an accident."

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Weidman: "I’m trying to find happiness in an accident."

While UFC 261 will be remembered for spectacular fights, great performances by new and old champions, and the fact that all five-fight from the main program ended with the stoppage, many will hardly forget the injury to former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman in the fight against Uriah Hall.

. In a fight crucial to the continuation of his career, Weidman experienced from the very beginning one of the most severe leg fractures we remember in high-level martial arts. Weidman was immediately sent to the hospital, where he underwent surgery, to get out of bed today with a message to everyone who supports him.

He addressed them with a video lasting three and a half minutes, the most important parts of which we bring in the quote. "I didn't really use the phone because the pain is quite severe. It's here around 3:30 in the morning now and now they're trying to give me more medicine."

Weidman is grateful

"I want to tell everyone how grateful I am for all the love and support. I want to give it all back to you. I know that Uriah Hall is a very good guy and he was sad about what happened, I appreciate that I also know that Anderson Silva called and said some nice words."

"This is extremely brutal but I will go through it It will take me about eight weeks that I could walk without crutches and that I could drive. As for training, in six to 12 months I should be able to come back. " "I’m trying to find happiness in an accident.

The moment it happened, when I fell to the ground and saw my foot, I tried to think of something positive that would come out of this." "I hope to get something positive at the end of all this. Dude, this isn't fun.

I can't believe what happened. The surgery was successful." "They put a titanium plate over my tibia, they put it through my knee. They pierced the tibia and made it firm and erect. My fibula is also broken, but they believe it can heal on its own, as long as I don’t burden it."

I think I will try to document this recovery and physical therapy. I will try to keep you informed. I haven’t done that otherwise, but the amount of love and support I get is amazing. I want to keep you, I love you, ”Chris said.