Masvidal had only words of praise for Usman after the fight

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Masvidal had only words of praise for Usman after the fight

“Kamaru Usman by decision or Jorge Masvidal by knockout,” was roughly what most predictions were ahead of UFC 261’s main fight, and in the end, many were shocked to see a ‘sleeping’ ‘Gamebred’ on the floor of the famous Octagon.

Now that the first impressions have settled, Masvidal addressed the public again and in a conversation with Ariel Helwani praised Usman and analyzed the crucial moment in the big rematch. "It was perfect timing. He tricked me, I thought he was going for shot, and when I realized that wasn't the case, it was too late.

I threw the left 'check hook', but it was too late. I misread the information that I was getting it so in a wonderful way he managed to sell it to me and get that result, ”Masvidal told ESPN. Although some hard words were uttered in the announcement of the fight, the champion and the challenger eventually extended their hands and showed that they have great respect for each other.


After such a performance by Usman, Jorge had no choice and had to bow to one of the best fighters of today, but also to the man who had already beaten him twice. "At that moment, I'm, first and foremost, a fan.

Why? Because I love this sport so much, and it was a really wonderful technique." Masvidal is physically well and it seems that he did not draw any serious consequences from this match. As he says, he will definitely return to action, but there is no need to hurry.

"There were definitely both bad and good moments that came out of that fight. I'm ready for what's to come. I'm 36, I still feel good and I can still go hard in training, even when I'm pairing with young characters.

Why I wouldn't try again? " - concluded Masvidal. Although he is already in his late years, Masvidal does not want to give up this sport and we can feel in his statements how much he loves this sport and how much he is still dedicated.

It seems that this fight did not shake him and that he learned something from it that he will apply in the future. Masvidal will now wait for a new fight seems equally motivated and it remains to be seen who the UFC will choose as his next opponent. Usman continued his run and looks invincible. Whether Covington can stop Usman we'll find out soon