Covington: “Usman is going to get his hand raised 10 out of 10 times"

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Covington: “Usman is going to get his hand raised 10 out of 10 times"

Colby Covington watched the main fight of UFC 261 from the front lines and shortly after the end of the show he revealed that he was not at all impressed by the new performance of Kamaru Usman. 'Chaos' obviously believes that Jorge Masvidal is not an elite fighter and that as such he is not up to the biggest challenges.

"It took him eight minutes more than me to stop Masvidal in each of our training sessions. That guy is average. He has15, 20 defeats? Because of winning over such a fighter, he shouldn't be happy, nor should he rise."

"There's a reason he's a traitor. He's a street Judas. He's a loser. If I lost 12 fights in a row I'd still have a better 'score' than Masvidal," Covington said in an ESPN broadcast. Colby was not surprised by the break that Usman reached in the 'stand-up' exchanges.

"I definitely knew it was possible because he posed a threat of demolition. It was something that worried Masvidal. He was worried that he would be demolished. " "He wanted to avoid it and he ran out of air. He was worried about demolition and suddenly - boom - he hit him with his right hand.

He kept his hands low because he was trying to defend himself from the demolition. So I knew it was possible. "


If everything goes according to the plan and announcements of Dana White, the rematch of Colby and Usman is ahead of us.

"I want that rematch with Usman,” Covington said. “Now, it’s been 18 months since I last fought him. A year-and-a-half since I last fought him. You don’t think I’ve gotten better in that? And I’ve weeded out all the bad things, all the negative energy in my life with American Top Team – all the drama over there at that gym – and I have my own gym that cares about me, that just cares about our growth and our development, so that’s why you’re seeing Colby Covington 2.0 right now, and I want my rematch with Usman."

“Usman is going to get his hand raised 10 out of 10 times. It’s an easy fight for him, and he knows it’s an easy fight for him. I know I’m next in line." "It doesn’t matter who wins on Saturday night.

Dana White said I’m next in line, I’m next in line. They can’t deny me. They’ve delayed me long enough. I will not be denied”.