Corey Anderson revealed he earns twice as much at Bellator

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Corey Anderson revealed he earns twice as much at Bellator

You can now add the name of Corey Anderson to the list of fighters who claim to earn better outside the UFC than they did under the auspices of the world’s most powerful MMA promotion. The former TOP 5 fighter in the UFC light heavyweight division has left the MMA leader after a heavy defeat by Jan Blachowicz, and as a member of Bellator, he has so far recorded two appearances and two wins.

But, as Anderson claims, that too was enough to pocket a lot more money than he earned through 15 fights in the UFC’s Octagon. "UFC gave me the career...Bellator gave me the life!! In 2 fights 6 months with Bellator, I've made double of what I did in 15 fights (11 wins 2 bonuses) 7 years with UFC."

Certainly, in Bellator, as a smaller organization, there is also less pressure on a fighter who can fight much more relaxed. Especially if we consider fighters who have been in the UFC for a long time and returned to Bellator, we’ll see they fight with much less “fire,” but that’s also reasonable given that Bellator is a smaller organization.

However, it seems that there are big changes in Bellator that could lead UFC fighters to join such an organization. "Now I live and enjoy life to the fullest with my family every day! Let that marinate." Anderson wrote on Twitter.


It’s not known exactly how much Corey earns at Bellator, nor can we say with certainty how much he earned as a member of the UFC, but some numbers are still known. Reputable martial arts portal MMA Mania thus extracted information according to which Anderson received a $ 20,000 guaranteed fee and as much winning bonus for his fight at UFC 196, while, at UFC 232 he received a total of 130,000 (65,000+65,000).

Let’s also point out that unlike the UFC, where fighters currently wear only Venum uniforms, Bellator members have that freedom to decide for themselves who and how much to advertise on their martial arts clothing.

Who knows, maybe that's where the 'treasure' that Corey boasted about on this occasion is hidden ... If Bellator continues to make benefits and pay its fighters much more, it will probably mean an increase in their reputation and thus the arrival of new fighters.

We are aware that the primary goal of every fighter is: money And it is Bellator who could take advantage of these goals and attract them