Khamzat Chimaev: "I did a lot of street fights. Sometimes about 10 a day."

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Khamzat Chimaev: "I did a lot of street fights. Sometimes about 10 a day."

Khamzat Chimaev has decided to build his UFC career through two weight categories, and it seems that after welterweight and middleweight, he would like to test his skills in the light heavyweight category as well. The undefeated Swedish-Chechen fighter is still waiting for a fight that will launch him into those most lucrative skirmishes.

The first such fight, let us remind you, was supposed to be the one with Leon Edwards. But due to complications caused by the coronavirus, we have not watched Khamzat in action since September when he knocked out Gerald Meerschaert in Las Vegas in just 17 seconds.

That day, ‘Borz’ recorded his ninth win from as many professional appearances or, if you prefer, his third since joining the UFC. As he revealed, Chimaev has finally successfully recovered from COVID-19, and he would like to have the next match in August.


Who will be his opponent is unknown at the moment, but it seems that Khamzat has no doubts about his abilities, thus went so far in a conversation with ESPN that he also stated that he could beat the light heavyweight champion - Jan Blachowicz.

"Two weight categories are waiting for me, middle or welterweight, and I can fight in the light heavyweight division. I paired with the characters in the TOP 10 light heavyweight." "I don't want to reveal names, but they know very well what happened in those sparring matches.

I can beat Blachowicz And Israel (Adesanya) too." "Well, Blachowicz beat him by wrestling, and Jan is not a wrestler at all. I still have to show it. I'm coming back! Give me someone, I don't care who it is.

While I'm healthy, I'll fight everyone. I don't care, maybe Brock Lesnar," Chimaev told ESPN. Although he has only nine appearances as a professional MMA fighter, Khamzat reveals in the same conversation that he has gathered a good part of his experience on the street.

"I did a lot of street fights. Sometimes about 10 a day. I know that in one day if I'm not injured, I can do three or four fights." "In the hall, I pair with a lot of characters, we take turns all the time, and they are heavier than me.

Alex (Gustafsson) weighs about 100 kilograms, even more, 110. Ilir (Latifi). And I pair with him. And if I pair with those monsters, then I'll kill everyone in my category," Chimaev concluded