Usman to Masvidal: "You are here because I chose you"

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Usman to Masvidal: "You are here because I chose you"

Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal announced at the press conference the big rematch that awaits us this weekend in Jacksonville. The current champion and his challenger will settle in the main fight of UFC 261, and neither of them has any doubts about their victory.

"This is not personal for me at all. If it's for him, it's his business. For me, this is just a job, and he's the character I chose as my next opponent," Usman commented on the growing rivalry with the 'BMF' titleholder.

Kamaru is a big favorite in the eyes of bookmakers and the odds on his win are around 1.25, while those on 'Gamebreda range from 4.00 all the way up to 4.55. Usman was sharp at the press conference and seems to have aimed to scare the opponent with statements.

Usman believes that Masvidal should be grateful to him for the chance he gave him, despite the defeat in the previous match. He looks confident and believes he will completely dominate his opponent this time "Let's be honest.

You have 14 defeats in your career, of which you have registered in the UFC. You are at 3-3 in the last six appearances and you are here because I chose you," the champion told his challenger, adding: "I didn't break his will in the first fight, but now I will.

And only when I do I'll be completely satisfied." Masvidal, on the other hand, repeated that he entered the first match only six days before the event, but that it was enough to break his nose in the same match.

"I entered that fight with a broken nose," Usman replies.

Covington and third match

According to the announcements of Dana White, the opponent of the more successful from this duel should be Colby Covington. But what will happen if ‘Gamebred’ becomes the champion, does Usman deserve a rematch in that case? "I would definitely give him a rematch.

He gave me a chance too, so I will definitely do the same thing for him," Masvidal promised and briefly commented on his popularity. "People cheer for me because they know I'll give them what they set aside for their hard-earned money.

I come to fight and bring violence," Jorge said.. Masvidal tries to be"fair" to his opponent and promised him revenge if he wins. But first, let’s wait to see if there’s a need to talk about it at all.

Given that we know how dominant Usman is in the category, the chances of Masvidal reaching the third match are not so big.