Kamaru Usman: "If they want to fight me, they must impress me first"

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Kamaru Usman: "If they want to fight me, they must impress me first"

If we look at the UFC's welterweight rankings at the moment, we will notice that the current champion Kamaru Usman has already recorded victories over the four best-ranked challengers in his career so far. And if he wins Jorge Masvidal's rematch this weekend, Usman could once again have a fighter he has already successfully defeated as his new opponent - Colby Covington.

So how difficult is it for Kamaru to find motivation in such a situation, and are there names on the UFC's roster that would be an attractive challenge for him in the future? "I'm motivated for this fight, but after it, we'll have to take a good look and see what's left for me.

Because it's not these characters." "Will it be about some kind of transfer and dealing with something else or will I just have to withdraw from everything. .. You never know, ”Usman said in an interview with MMA Fighting.

Supposedly, at least that's what Dana White claims, Covington should welcome a more successful player than Usman and Masvidal, but the current champion seems to be wondering - does it all make sense?


In the same conversation, Usman pointed out one of the main problems of the welterweight category, the one according to which it turns out that none of the challengers want to fight each other, but everyone is waiting for the match with the champion.

"All these characters have to show me something, let me know, instill some fear in my bones ... Because, realistically, they don't really have much to offer me at the moment." "I'm far ahead of everyone.

Another thing, quite frustrating, is that they don't want to fight each other. So how come the champion is the most active character in the category? It's, if you ask me, a joke." "Covington was offered to Masvidal, he refused.

Edwards was offered to Covington, he refused. (Khamzat) Chimaev was offered to (Stephen) Thompson and he rejects him, they don't want to fight each other, but they're waiting for the champion to dial their number and say, 'OK, you're free to come and make some money.'

" "So I guess one of them has to do something and impress me with his performance. Such things motivate me, "Usman concluded. Indeed, Usman has proven to be too dominant in his category, and we are eagerly awaiting some new face that could mess up his accounts. For now, no such fighter is emerging, but hopefully things in the future could change