Dana White promised Covington that he would fight for the title

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Dana White promised Covington that he would fight for the title

The picture of the UFC’s welterweight category should be much clearer after the main fight of the UFC 261 event, in which Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal will meet. Yet, no matter who wins, the question of the next challenger will still be open.

Or so it just seems. Namely, Dana White obviously has an idea of ​​the next challenger. We can conclude this from his last statement. "Usman is currently in the career stage where he looks around and wonders who to fight, who is next.

He will have to go back to the fighters he has already defeated." "It is evident that Masvidal took the first fight to a 'short notice' so it made sense to give him this fight, that we can get rid of all excuses.

After that, the next one is Colby Covington, "White said in an interview with Aaron Bronsteter of TSN, adding: "The fight between Usman and Covington is one of the best I've ever seen. Colby Covington, like it or not, or whatever happened to him, is one of the best fighters in the world."

"He's a very, very good fighter, and the fight was amazing. Both fighters had to grab deep in that fight. Truly one of the best fights I've ever seen. Who knows, a lot can happen. But it should be the next fight. "


Colby fought only once last year, and that way he dominantly defeated Tyron Woodley.

After that fight, he discovered that Usman and Masvidal are the only opponents who make sense to him, and it seems that in the end, it will all happen that way. Leon Edwards will surely like this news the least. He will fight Nate Diaz at the UFC 262 event on May 15, and winning that fight would be his ninth in a row.

It’s a reference with which really anything but a title fight hardly makes sense. But Covington has been calling for a rematch since December 2019, when he was defeated by Usman, and it seems to have paid off. Colby Covington will surely be in Jacksonville this weekend.

After all, he only lives a couple of hours away, so he will hardly miss the opportunity to say something to the winner of the fight on the spot. Certainly, Covington will train much more than before and be maximally ready to fight for the title. Both opponents are phenomenal fighters, but Covington is great and will have a good chance with either of them.