McGregor called out Diaz for using steroids

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McGregor called out Diaz for using steroids

Conor McGregor suddenly decided to talk about the topic of doping, and in his verbal attack he singled out one of his biggest rivals - Nate Diaz. “Everyone’s on steroids,” could often be heard from Diaz’s mouth, and the image of the “pure” athlete of this popular Stockton fighter was briefly tarnished during 2019 when Nate tested positive for LGD-4033, better known as Ligandrol.

Many were surprised then, and Diaz was also surprised who still managed to prove his innocence in this case. Recall, Diaz informed the public about his situation in October 2019 and claimed from the start that he was "clean" and had no intention of hiding what was happening, and a few days later it turned out that he was telling the truth.

The culprit was the contaminated supplements, ie the multivitamin that Nate used. This is exactly the case, McGregor reminded us these days, who addressed the main UFC anti-doping man on Twitter - Jeff Novitzky. Conor first complained: "I’m a animal.

What irks me tho is there is never an announcement of athletes caught anymore? This means -
1. They can keep it quiet.
2. Tainted supplement bulls*it excuses are accepted" "Jeff Novitzky, how come the public isn’t told about positive tests anymore? How after the Nate Diaz steroid debacle, where he produced his own nutrition companies tainted multivitamin, was instantly cleared prior to a mega-money fight, are we now in the dark on test results" - McGregor then wrote.


"Everybody is on steroids,"- Steroid user, Nathan Diaz" ,the Irishman continued. Conor, meanwhile, was contacted by Novitzky, who shared a video with him in which he explained Diaz's situation back in 2019, and along the way wrote to him that he was free to contact him and discuss everything one on one.

"Well anyways thanks for clearing that up for me Jeff, the silence makes perfect sense. Also where is my usada over 50 clean tests completed jacket I see everyone else get?
I want to wipe my ass with it.," the former UFC champion said to Novitzky As expected, Diaz got involved in the whole discussion and stabbed McGregor with a photo from their first meeting and with the words: "This is what steroids do to you" McGregor couldn't stand it and replied "Silly goose, that was pre McGregor Fast.

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