Dillon Danis believes he would destroy Ngannou in a street fight

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Dillon Danis believes he would destroy Ngannou in a street fight

We haven’t seen Dillon Danis in the arena in a long time, actually since June 2019, when he recorded his second professional MMA win in the Bellator cage. Still, that doesn’t stop him from promoting himself, making statements, and guesting on various martial arts shows or podcasts.

In some of these, the question even arises as to how he would fare in the fight against UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. We have already learned that Danis is a fighter who will not admit to anyone that someone is better than him, so we were not really surprised when he did not show that honor to one of the dangerous men in the world.

"I can withstand and survive his blow, since I'm very good at such things, I can go through a storm. And he's that type of fighter, a one-stroke fighter. In a street fight to the death, one where someone has to die, I'd beat him," said Danis in an interview for Low Kick MMA.

El Jefe" is too chatty for a fighter who has only two MMA fights against fighters whose names everyone has forgotten as soon as the fight is over, and it seems that his partner is not as good and dominant as he tries to represent him.


Namely, BJJ coach and sparring partner of Conor McGregor, according to the BJJHeroes portal, has a ratio of 18 wins and 16 losses in grappling. However, no one forbids him to make such statements. The continuation of the statement about Ngannou may be a little more realistic, but it still gives us a picture of what kind of effect Danis actually wants to make.

It was actually the answer to the question about the jiu-jitsu match against Ngannou. "Jiu-jitsu? Come on, you must be kidding. At this point, I would have destroyed him in a jiu-jitsu match if I were drunk. He's desperate on the floor," the 27-year-old fighter said quite confidently.

If nothing else, Danis knows how to sell himself well and get in the media, but maybe the time has really come to see him for the third time in Bellator's arena. However, we are not sure when we will find out what he is like in the fight against a serious opponent, that is, we will not be surprised if Scott Coker brings him another opponent with a one-time contract. Whether Ngannou will bother with these statements at all and respond to Danis, we will find out soon.