Tracy Cortez aims to be in the top 5 and then win the title

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Tracy Cortez aims to be in the top 5 and then win the title

That she won’t be just another fighter with a beautiful face and attractive body, who will only be doing her UFC career as a passerby, Tracy Cortez (9-1, 3-0 UFC) has already proven before. But with each of her fights, she now confirms that she is a very serious fighter, ready for serious results and successes.

After winning her UFC contract in the summer of 2019 with a win against Maria Agapova at the Contender Series, the 27-year-old moved from a flyweight category to a bantamweight. There, she defeated Vanessa Mel and Stephenie Egger, only to return to the flyweight for a UFC on ESPN 22 appearance.

The weighing came a little too weighty, but 200 grams is not something to panic about.

Cortez on her fight

Especially after a great fight against Justine Kish and the biggest win of her career so far. Tracy looked good in a fight on her feet against a very good boxer, but she also reaffirmed once again how dangerous she is when the fight moves to the ground floor.

"I wanted to show my hands, but the main goal was to do what my game is, what I do best and where I'm dominant. I could take her down whenever I wanted," Cortez said shortly after the fight in an interview with Brett Okamoto.

Then she turned back to the flyweight category, where she announced a quest for greater success, but modestly, step by step. "This is my category. I struggled in the bantam because I had health problems after I came back from the Contender Series.

Quarantine affected me badly, my health was not good and the pounds didn't go down." "After that I went for tests in the UFC Institute, where I did a lot of tests and eventually got my body back to normal. The flyweight category is my home and I'm ready to progress," she announced, after which Okamoto reminded her of her goal.

The one who wants to become the Top 5 fighter this year, and attack the title next: "It's a goal I've set for myself. If I don't see something in front of me, it's not easy for me to motivate myself and stay equally active.

I set a goal to have something to work for and I know how to succeed." Already the next fight Tracy should have against some fighter from the Top 15 order, with the goal of placing herself on it. And then everything is still possible.