Tony Ferguson explained what the defeat by Oliveira looked like

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Tony Ferguson explained what the defeat by Oliveira looked like

Four months have passed since the defeat that Tony Ferguson suffered from Charles Oliveira, and next month he will have a fight against Beneil Dariush, with which he will try to break a series of two failures. But before that, during a conversation with Ariel Helwani, he recalled that last fight, in which he was actually wrestling and grappler-dominated throughout almost the entire course.

Oliveira knocked him down very easily and then controlled him on the floor and even attacked him seriously with the aim of ending the fight. Tony now says that his grappling was below the usual level primarily because he did not prepare well for it, that is, he had an unplanned lack of training.

"I only trained five hours of jiu-jitsu for that (Oliveira) fight. That's it. I was busy, dude, just doing a lot of other stuff, man, trying to make my business glow, trying to make sure that my team was filled. Fight week changed, dude.

They said we couldn't do anything because of COVID, so it was bad, the preparations were f*****." Shortly after the interview was published, he decided to analyze the fight in more detail via Instagram, which pushed him away from the position from which he can hope for a title fight.

We remind you that before that fight, he was defeated by Justin Gaethje in a fight he entered with a series of as many as 12 consecutive triumphs, but also five failed attempts to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov.


"No excuses.

Waited three rounds patiently for a D'arce from bottom. Arm was slightly compromised from the round 1. Still waited patiently. 2nd round we cut him w an albow as he went for takendown." "We were going to work on bottom untill an illegal upkick reset battle.

3rd round: In place and it happened!!! Slid the D'arce on from bottom and it slippe off when i set the hook instead of going full D'arce like we didi in the Barboza fight." "No excuses, close but no cigar!

Shuld have drilled my takedown defense moar. Oh well, s*** hapens. Wrestling is my base, say what you want I'm doing the math and hitting my reps. Work makin' em' all count." Tony is currently in fifth place in the lightweight challenger rankings, and he will defend that position in the fight against ninth Darius.

The clash is scheduled for May 15, as part of the main program of the UFC 262 event led by a fight for the new champion, between Oliveira and Michael Chandler. If he manages to come back with wins, Tony could be one fight away from attacking the title and that’s something he should focus on.

Unfortunately, he is still in the process of calling out Khabib Nurmagomedov and hopes for the return of the Dagestani and the fight against him. He repeated this once again with Helwani, and it seems that the regret that this fight did not take place will never disappear.