Ngannou revealed what mistake he made against Miocic

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Ngannou revealed what mistake he made against Miocic

Francis Ngannou decided to stand in defense of referee Herb Dean, who was identified by some as the main culprit for that last, as it turned out, an unnecessary shot. After shaking Stipe in the first minute of the second round of UFC 260's main fight, Ngannou received a brilliantly placed right-hander and then responded to Miočić's attempt to attack with his counterattack, which ultimately proved to be crucial in this match.

While guesting on the Hotboxin ’with Mike Tyson podcast, Francis referred to that final exchange. Ngannou best described what the mental aspect looks like with an example related to Miocic. Ngannou was aware of the advantages and disadvantages of Miocic and knew how Miocic could win, but Ngannou's excellent mentality and readiness prevented Miocic from realizing his plans.

Ngannou thought he had done something wrong and could end up on the floor soon, but given the experience he also has talent, he quickly pulled himself out of it "When he hit me with that right hand, I told myself I was doing something wrong.

We looked at him and knew that 'step-back right was Stipe's best shot." "That's how he caught Werdum and came to the title. I thought I did something wrong, but then he began to attack more... ", Ngannou recalls.

Dean reaction

After 'Predator' then knocked Stipe down with his left hand, referee Dean tried to jump in and stop the match as quickly as possible, but Ngannou managed to deliver another blow. While Herb really seemed to be doing his best to prevent that last ‘bomb’, many criticized him.

Many, but not Francis. And then the "boom" happened. Ngannou waited for his moment patiently and took advantage of the chance Miocic gave him. With his left hand, he managed to knock Miocic to the floor and thus win the match.

However, after that blow, Ngannou managed to deliver another blow and many resented Judge Dean for not preventing that last blow. However, Ngannou believes that the referee was phenomenal that evening and that he reacted great in the last situation in the match.

"Honestly, I watched the fight and saw how Dean reacted. I think he should be rewarded for the best performance that night. Did you see how fast he ran? He moved backwards and then suddenly rushed in between us. He was ready - if Francis touches you, don't let Francis touch you again, "Ngannou concluded.