Mike Perry: "I use to be great. I dont know what happened"

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Mike Perry: "I use to be great. I dont know what happened"

In the four and a half years he has been a member of the UFC, Mike Perry has managed to prove himself as a very fun fighter, but an even more interesting character. It was at the expense of that character that he became a significant UFC star, despite not always being able to cover it with some good results.

But lately, it seems like his martial arts career is in indescribable chaos. That chaos continued last weekend at the UFC on ABC 2 event, where Daniel Rodriguez literally beat him up, hitting him with 129 significant punches.

It’s not something too foreign to “Platinum,” which is used to receiving a large number of unnecessary punches but would most often return the same way. He was completely over boxed here. He lost the fight in almost the same way as four months earlier, when he was defeated by Tim Means, hitting him only one time less than “D-Rod”.

Perry had a turbulent last year, during which he divorced his wife, faced charges of domestic violence, found a new girlfriend, and had a son with her.


In addition, he gave up teams and decided to train alone, with a few isolated incidents.

After the birth of his son, he announced a change, which can be noticed for now in terms of incidents, but in the Octagon it all actually looks only worse. Mike is aware of that. "I use to be great. Idk what happened. I have a fight left on my contract.

I'll train hard, I'll give it my all for my family. Whatever I have to do to give them a better life. I'll bleed every day for them if I have it. "- Perry wrote on Instagram, along with a few family photos. For Perry, this was his fourth defeat in the last five fights, bringing him to a 7-8 UFC ratio.

In 2016, he arrived in the promotion with a ratio of 7-0, as a young fighter of great boxing and knockout strength. He presented it several times, but he also presented quite visible shortcomings several times. Although Dana White recently stated that every Perry fight is fun and that he likes to have such fighters on the roster, a new defeat could be very bad for him in terms of continuing his career in the UFC.

It seems like it’s time for Perry to be serious. If he really thinks like a fighter making money for his family, it probably wouldn’t be bad for him to knock on the door of one of the world’s leading MMA teams.