Unexpected decision: Jimmy Flick decided to end his career!

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Unexpected decision: Jimmy Flick decided to end his career!

On the first day of September last year, Jimmy Flick, a 30-year-old who has been fighting for minor American promotions for a long time, started to fulfill his dream, waiting for his big opportunity. It came to him with an invitation to the Dana White’s Contender Series, and then there with an impressive performance, he signed a contract with the UFC.

He set out to fulfill his dream that way. The dream continued on December 19, when he won against Cody Durden in one of the rarest possible ways, also an extremely attractive way. It is a flying triangle, which was eventually declared the "submission of the year" in most elections.

Where it wasn't declared, it ended up behind Khabib Nurmagomedov, but these are mostly elections where fans voted, and we know what kind of "following" Khabib has. Where the profession chose or those a little more knowledgeable, Flick had a “Submission of the Year”.

Quite deservedly, no one has done something so spectacular all year. Flick had his next appearance scheduled for May 8, when he was scheduled to fight Francisco Figueiredo. But he canceled that fight yesterday. And not only did he cancel the fight.

Flick decided to end his MMA career just four months after achieving what he had been working for a full ten years.


"I have three goals for this year. To spend more time with family, to help my wife meet her goals and the third goal, to complete a book I started a year ago, in which I will tell my story, my life, and tell everyone why I'm doing this."

, Flick said in his Facebook address, adding along the way that he entered 2020 with three goals, which he also met. Don’t drink fizzy juices, make a hundred thousand dollars and do a fight in the UFC. "A lot of people ask me where I see myself in ten years.

And I've realized that the UFC is no longer my dream. A lot of people won't understand why and it's hard to explain." "My eyes fill with tears, but that's just not it, the UFC is not someone who cares for me.

My wife cares for me, my children care for me and that's what I want. My goal is to be their father. I want to go to work every day, come back, and be with my family. I want to spend all my time with them. ", he explained his decision.

He explained his decision in a little more detail in Mike Heck’s What The Heck podcast. "The UFC didn't do anything wrong, I appreciate everything they did. I'm happy with my goal and what kind of person they made of me.

But I don't see what it's like to gain from beating my own body, just because I'm in the UFC now. We don't have a pension plan there. We don't have any support." "Fighters are too stupid to unite and it will never happen because there will always be more people who are willing to fight for the current money. I like the money I earned, but also it doesn't buy luck."