Holland: "Darren Till, sorry I didn't get the job done"

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Holland: "Darren Till, sorry I didn't get the job done"

Although he had a good opening and proved once again that he is dangerous as long as the fight takes place on his feet, Kevin Holland also showed once again that for some bigger things he must urgently work on his wrestling.

Marvin Vettori managed to put him on the floor without any major problems, and then to control him and eventually defeat him in a way similar to the way Derek Brunson had defeated Holland three weeks earlier. After 25 minutes of the main fight of the UFC on the ABC 2 event on Saturday, the referees did not have a difficult task and scored three times (50-44) in favor of the Italian fighter.

"Apologies to Darren Till for not doing the job the way I was supposed to do it. I've been a fan of your style and spirit for a while now. It was and always will be an honor to step in for you." "I hope that doesn't sound weird.

I also wish you and a speedy recovery, ”read the first part of the message apparently intended for the English fighter who had to cancel his performance against Vettori due to injury.

Holland on Instagram

Holland then looked back at his last rival, in fact, the last two with whom he shared a cage.

Namely, 'Trail Blazer' was guided by the fighting style with which both Brunson and Vettori defeated him and came to the conclusion that the two of them should fight each other. "Congratulations to both of you, I've become a better man because of you, but Brendan Allen is better than both.

I'll be back" "’ll be back see you 3 little ninjas , around until then I’ll be searching for some good sex partners to help me stop the humping" Holland wrote on Instagram It seems that Holland is not so angry about the match and it seems that he learned many things.

Holland will have to focus on wrestling because it is obvious that this is his weak point that his opponents use and based on that they manage to beat Holland. Now Holland will have to learn a lesson and prepare as much as possible for the next match.

We still don't know who the opponent will be, but we are sure that he will have great motivation given the previous two defeats that will have to lead to some changes. Although he lost, we have no doubt that he will come back stronger and better and be the old one again.