Jones: "I want to look like a titan, be the same size or even bigger than Ngannou"

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Jones: "I want to look like a titan, be the same size or even bigger than Ngannou"

Although it currently appears that the UFC has no intention of even starting talks with Jon Jones regarding the fight against Francis Ngannou, unless he initiates, the former UFC welterweight champion continues to prepare for the heavyweight division.

Convinced that conditions will be reached and that the fight will be agreed upon, he continues to work on meeting his difficult goals. First of all, the goal is to constantly stay in good shape, which he revealed in an interview for Fight Hype.

"We're training right now and we're committed to it. We're training and focusing on what we can control, being in as good shape as possible because I think that's just going to sell the fight better."

"People want to see two titans. Francis is already, and I'm trying to become one. I want to look like a titan, be the same size or even bigger than him when we finally find each other across from each other."

"I have a lot of work to do. I hope there will be a fight. It's up to us now to stay focused, train, and see what the UFC will do about that ”Jones said in a brief post-workout interview He really looks very relaxed, as if arranging a fight as soon as possible is not really a life priority for him.

In fact, he’s sorry he hasn’t decided on this move before, primarily because of how good he feels like a heavyweight.

Athlete life

He even drew a parallel with his brothers, otherwise much bigger guys than him.

One is a former and one a current NFL American football player, and both are Super Bowl winners. "It's great to train this hard and it's good to eat whatever I want. I'm obviously on a good diet, but I eat a lot and I also rest a lot.

I currently live like a full athlete." "I'm excited to compete to my full potential, to fight without losing weight." "I have two brothers who are big guys and I actually feel like that and I should be like that all the time," he revealed openly.

Regarding the possible return of Jones to the fighting, there is no information for now. He’s already said he won’t be the first to report to the UFC and seems to hold on to it. The only bad thing is that such announcements came from the UFC either.

Jones and Ngannou could make a spectacle and really everyone should get involved in it and help sustain such a fight that would be a big “boom” in the world of sports.