Sterling refused a rematch against Yan

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Sterling refused a rematch against Yan

Immediately after the fight between Aljamain Sterling and Peter Yan ended, especially after the circumstances in which it happened, there was loud talk about a rematch, which should happen at the first opportunity. The UFC seems to have had the same intentions, so a rematch was offered shortly after the first fight ended.

This was confirmed by Sterling in an interview with Middle Easy, revealing that he refused to fight at the UFC 262 event. "They asked me to fight on May 15 and they offered it to me about a week after the last fight I did.

My head wasn't in this present universe yet, but yes, I had to turn it down," Sterling confirmed, adding reasons for something like: "I'm a little broken, it's actually about problems that have been there for ten years.

They are progressively getting worse with each new training camp. I'm currently in a position where surgery is a good option for me because I'm going through a loss of muscle strength in my arm." "If some miraculous change doesn't happen, where I will suddenly be able to start doing push-ups and push-ups, I don’t see what else I have left but surgery, ”


Worst of all, the fight against Yan won’t happen soon.

The champion has chosen to deal with his neck and arm injuries and will take as long as it takes. That could stop the division for a while, as a rematch was expected, followed by a championship fight against the winner of the fight TJ Dillashaw and Cory Sandhagen.

It’s hard to conclude what will happen in that case and what decisions the UFC’s matchmaking team might pull. In any case, Sterling will return only when he is healthy. "There are two options, one is a fusion and that option could leave me out of training for nine months, it takes so long to be able to get back to the required level."

"The other option is to change the disc, which some guys I know have already gone through." , announced the champion, adding what the situation would be in case of the mentioned procedure: "That option would mean about three months off.

But before I can arrange a fight, they have to examine me. The doctor advised me that it would be best to wait at least four and a half months to start hardcore training." "So between four and a half in those six months I will be out of the machine, it all depends on how my body recovers. "