Darren Till did not choose words in his address to Vettori

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Darren Till did not choose words in his address to Vettori

The best Italian MMA fighter, Marvin Vettori, in addition to his great fighting quality, has already shown himself with his short fuse. Many still remember the incident from last spring, when he had a dramatic outburst in the hotel lobby towards Karl Roberson, a fighter who canceled their fight after weighing, and this is not really an isolated case.

The young fighter very often has frustrated outbursts and statements, and nothing was different after their UFC on ABC 2 fight was canceled by Darren Till. Although everything has settled down in the meantime and the Vettori will fight Kevin Holland this weekend, shortly after the fight against the English was canceled he had another episode of expressing his frustrations and emotions.

In this way, he accused Till of running away from the fight against him, and this week, at a press conference, he revealed that he sincerely doubts the relevance of Till's injury, which led to the cancellation of the fight.

The Englishman did not receive it the best. After sincerely apologizing to Vettori for canceling the fight, this time he decided to release everything on his mind. He addressed the Italian via a post on Instagram, in which he didn't choose the words.

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Till on Vettori

"@marvinvettori what's up with you mate? You missing a few cells or something?" "If only you fuc*ing knew what I went through this camp to get 2 fight you.
Inside & outside the gym!" "Let’s have it right mate you were going to be my easiest fight,
You are a walking punch bag who’s tough."

"Nothing more & nothing less.
So keep ur bitter mouth shut." "For you or anyone to even think for one minute I’d pull out of a fight with some bull**it excuse makes me howl.
Every fight camp I guarantee I train through way harsher injuries than you and 90% of the roster."

"What you want me to do? I’ve broke my fuc*ing collarbone u utter mo*on.
Make sure u win Saturday." "Here’s some advice u ugly looking lord of the rings orc motherfuc*er.
Just be happy for ur peers" "Be happy the fact adesanya beat u,
Be happy the fact I was going to school u
& be happy ur at the top in one of the most devastating sports in the world,
Stop being a hater u bum."

"And ur not from Italy uve lived in California most of ur life u lying ba*****"
I’ll tag u in my x-ray so u can sleep easy tonight."