Greg Hardy and Tai Tuivas paired up for the biggest summer UFC event

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Greg Hardy and Tai Tuivas paired up for the biggest summer UFC event

Shortly after recording his second win in a row last month, Tai Tuivas (11-3, 5-3 UFC) has a new exam scheduled ahead of him. And such that he was paired against a fighter who openly called him out, that is, asked for a fight against him.

It’s about Greg Hardy (7-3, 4-3 UFC). With his last two appearances, in which he defeated Harry Hunsecker and Stefan Struve, Tuivasa saved his UFC career, which became questionable after a series of three defeats. Consequently, he can continue to build it as before, when he was considered one of the greatest potentials in the heavyweight category.

The Australian had the biggest problem in his childish frivolity, but recent performances give the impression that this has changed. He is very explosive for a guy of his weight and constitution, Tuivasa is a fighter who could create problems for anyone.

Hardy last fought in December last year, when he was stopped by a knockout by Marcin Tybura, after which baem had to temporarily silence his very loud championship ambitions. Also, for the second time, his series of two victories was interrupted, and with this fight he will have to make up for the defeats.

Tuivas, as we mentioned above, asked for it himself after the last “Bam Bam” fight, and the UFC obviously liked that pairing so they reacted very quickly.


The former NFL star will have the imperative to win if he wants to keep the attention his fights still have on him.

It is already smaller than it was when he first started his MMA career, but there are still a lot of those who are interested in what “Prince of War” will do. This fight goes to the UFC 264 event, which will be led by Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier on July 10th.

Hardy will surely have great motivation and desire to win, considering that lately he has not been able to be as good in the ring as he used to be. The last two defeats are an indication that Hardy was not at his peak and that he was not maximally ready to fight.

This time, Hardy will surely be much better prepared and will try to break the negative series he had. It won’t be easy at all considering how good Tuivas has been lately, but if Hardy finds the right rhythm it is very possible he will win