Adriano Moraes was better in the match against Jonhson

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Adriano Moraes was better in the match against Jonhson

Former UFC champions Demetrious Johnson and Eddie Alvarez will not have a happy memories about the ONE on TNT 1 event and performance at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. ONE Championship champion in the flyweight category Adriano Moraes became the first man to manage to stop the once best MMA fighter in the world with a referee decision on Wednesday night.

The 31-year-old Brazilian tried to keep his distance at the opening of the fight and use the advantage in the range of his arms, and the 'DJ' exerted pressure as expected from the very start. About two minutes before the end of the first round, the fight moves to the ground floor where Moraes manages a little better and concludes the introductory five minutes with control from a dominant position.

In the second round Johnson continues to press trying to shorten the distance, but at one point Moraes catches him with an uppercut, ‘Mighty Mouse’ loses ground under his feet, falls and then in an attempt to get up receives a knee to the head and several punches after which the referee ended the match.

Let’s stress that the knee with which Demetrious was stopped was completely legal in the ONE Championship, while, say, in the UFC, it would be a forbidden move because the fighter was still on the floor at the time of the blow.

Moraes reached 19-3 after the biggest win of his career, while Johnson 'fell' to 30-4 (1).


Eddie Alvarez (30-8, 1 nc) didn’t have as hard a night as Johnson, but even this former UFC champion didn’t record a win.

To be more precise, 'The Underground King' was disqualified after about a minute of the match and thus the victory went to his opponent Yuri Lapicus (15-1). Alvarez opened this performance well and very quickly knocked down the Moldavian, took a great position, but then started hitting the opponent in the back of the head.

The referee very quickly warned Eddie of illegal punches, but latter Alvarez nevertheless continued, shook Lapicus and forced the referee to disqualify him. Alvarez complained and claimed that the blows landed on his ear, but there was no change in the decision.

Certainly a big loss for Alvarez who had the advantage and dominance and could have used it in the best possible way.

Maybe it is this excessive hunger and desire to win that leads to such outcomes

​It is certain that after this, Alvarez will think carefully about the next fight and prepare much better if he does not want the same thing to happen again.

Now it’s all up to him and his mentality

But considering that he has shown before how strong he can be mentally, we believe that this time it will be the same. It is necessary to focus and do your best