Blachowicz has an unfulfilled wish and that is a fight against Jon Jones

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Blachowicz has an unfulfilled wish and that is a fight against Jon Jones

Jan Blachowicz is currently perhaps the most satisfied fighter on the entire UFC roster. Almost completely written off, he first won the light heavyweight title and then defended it when the UFC sent Israel Adesanya to him.

Still, Jon Jones ’successor still regrets one thing. That he won the title when Jones had already left UFC, that is, that he did not fight against him. So he decided to send Jones an invitation to come back, even though he is ready to do that fight in the heavyweight division.

However, he would prefer it to be a meeting between the current and former champion of the 93 kg division. "I'm the king of the light heavyweight division now and he can always come back to it. We can fight in the light heavyweight and heavyweight, it doesn't matter to me."

"I'm just waiting for a decision about my next fight. If the UFC gives me Jon Jones, I'll be happy. If not, I'm happy whoever my next opponent is." "I think it will be Glover Teixeira after all. If Jon Jones changes his mind about the heavyweight division, I'm here and I'm waiting for him, "Blachowicz told RT Sport, then turning to Jones' decision on leaving the category: "I understand him, in the light heavyweight, he did almost everything he could.

I say almost everything because he didn't fight me. I understand his decision because he knows he would lose to me." "He made that decision because if he loses in the heavyweight division he can always say yes that's not his category.

I'll wait for his defeat and return because he promised me that fight since I knocked out Corey Anderson. "


The question also arises as to whether he has heavyweight ambitions like Jones, especially since he has also been fighting in the light heavyweight division throughout his entire career.

He actually sees it as a normal sequence of events as his career comes to an end "I don't see why I shouldn't go into the heavyweight division. I feel great, I don't have injuries and the fire is burning in me.

I enjoy fighting, I like doing my job." "Actually, it's not my job but my passion. I think I'll end my career in a heavyweight divison. I like food, I like to eat and I don't like to lose weight, but I have to do it right now."

"I would like to try out against the big guys and that's how I'll end my career," -Blachowicz concluded.