After a fight with Vettori, Holland wants a rematch with Brunson

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After a fight with Vettori, Holland wants a rematch with Brunson

Kevin Holland was one of the UFC’s most impressive fighters in 2020, but at the opening of the ‘new season, and also in his first ‘main event’, he didn’t really make a name for himself. Experienced Derek Brunson proved to be too much for the 28-year-old 'Trail Blazer', whose five-win streak was stopped about 15 days ago in Las Vegas.

Holland met with a lot of criticism after that match, but he delighted fans again when he agreed to jump into the main fight of the UFC Vegas 23 event. Kevin decided to take a risk and replaced Darren Till at the last minute and accepted the match with the dangerous Mavrin Vettori.

Clearly, a win over the great Italian fighter would quickly wash away the bitter taste left by the defeat by Brunson, but it is also clear that a new defeat would not look good at all for his career. Holland is not happy with his approach in the previous match and seems to regret it "It was me having a good time, but I have no excuse for that performance.

I called him Bumson the whole time, but in fact, I turned out to be a loser that night," Holland said in an interview with ESPN and revealed his plans: “Once I’m done with Vettori and doing it in a special way, it’s inevitable that we make that rematch (with Brunson, op.a.).

He’ll probably refuse it and say he’d retire before he agrees to that fight, but we'll get there one way or another. If nowhere else, then in a video game, "Holland said in his own style.

Holland on Vettori

Holland seems to be full of respect for his opponent and is aware of how much Vettori has progressed lately.

Vettori has grown into a top fighter who can be dangerous to any opponent. Holland will not have much time to prepare, but of course, we expect Holland to find the flaws of his opponent and maybe take advantage of them. What does he expect from Vettori? "It will be a fun fight.

He has a very good, legendary coach (Rafael Cordeiro, op.a.). I also think he has made a lot of progress since that defeat by Israel Adesanya." " I hope he will decide on a boxing approach in this match, and maybe use Brunson's recipe and he could try to get me down on the floor.

I definitely expect 'grappling', but also a competitive, fun fight, "Kevin concluded.

However, it will be interesting to see how Holland prepares and whether he will have an answer to Vettori's tactics. Now all he has to do is focus on the match and make his fans happy