Famous UFC fighter Rizzo has revealed who is the toughest opponent for Ngannou

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Famous UFC fighter Rizzo has revealed who is the toughest opponent for Ngannou

The famous Brazilian heavyweight Pedro Rizzo looked back at the situation in the royal category these days and revealed which fighter he sees as the worst possible opponent for the current champion Francis Ngannou. Today, the 46-year-old 'The Rock' did not find such a person among active fighters, which means that Stipe Miočić, Jon Jones, and Derrick Lewis, who are most often mentioned in combinations with Ngannou, fall out of this story.

"I have to admit that I expected Miocic to defend the title. I thought he would take more risks with the goal of moving Ngannou to the ground, but he didn't." "Of course, Francis should be acknowledged, but I still see Miocic as a more complete fighter.

If he was using less predictable tactics, he would keep the belt, ”Rizzo briefly commented on the main fight of UFC 260, and then in a conversation with the Sherdog portal revealed who he sees as the toughest test for the dangerous‘ Predator ’.

Jon Jones vs Ngannou

For Rizzo, it’s Jon Jones, but he was once a big rival to the most successful light heavyweight in MMA history. "Jones used to have problems with fighters of a similar range of arms. This could be seen both against (Alexander) Gustafsson and against (Dominick) Reyes."

"Even with some weight gain, he's not a natural heavyweight who can knock you out with one blow. But that's why I really believe that Daniel Cormier if he could get back in shape, would be the worst 'matchup' for Ngannou."

"Good examples of this are his matches with Derrick Lewis and those two with Anthony Johnson. Two beasts with impressive knockout power and neither one couldn't stay on his feet against DC for too long." "Cormier doesn't accept a fight on his feet, so I believe he would be a tough opponent for Ngannou, "Rizzo concluded.

Pedro did the last match of his career in September 2015 when he stopped Andrew Flores Smith by technical knockout. He recorded 20 wins and 11 losses during his career and attacked the UFC title three times, but both Kevin Randleman and Randy Couture (x2) were more successful in those fights.

Rizzo is still involved in martial arts today, but as a project manager who distracts children from the streets, ie from crime and drugs. Certainly what Rizzo does with young people is commendable