Beneil Dariush: "The goal is to be crazier than Tony"

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Beneil Dariush: "The goal is to be crazier than Tony"

UFC 262 brings us many attractive fights, and on the rich list of fights on May 15, we will also watch the meeting of Tony Ferguson and Beneil Dariush. For Dariush, this will be a great opportunity because, after six consecutive victories, he finally got the opportunity to compete with one of the best fighters in the lightweight category.

Beneil will arrive at Toyota Center (Houston), but what is his plan for that match? Beneil will seem to have a special tactic he has not used so far. Since most UFC fighters today try to be interesting, a different, specific Beneil will try the same in the match with Ferguson.

Beneil is certainly aware of how such tactics can provoke the opponent and how much psychic games can be a good tool in achieving the goal, and that is a victory "I've already joked about this, but I'll tell you what I told everyone else - the goal is to be crazier than Tony, and we'll see if that works," Dariush told the South China Morning Post at the start.

"You never know what he's up to. And if it's not exciting for you, then I don't know what is. That's why these preparations are very difficult for him. What to focus on? What to work on the most? Still, in a way.

I enjoy everything It's a freedom I haven't felt in a while. "

Perfect moment for Dariush

For Dariush, this fight comes at an almost perfect moment. Apart from the fact that he is in great shape, he has an opponent in front of him who has looked unrecognizable in the last two appearances, he was defeated.

Well, Beneil is not fooled at all. "I'm going to watch his best performances and it's Tony that I want to fight. It's Tony that I'm going to try to beat. Such a Tony is hard to knock down and such a Tony doesn't get tired, can withstand blows, and is ready to receive two just to give one.

I'm getting ready for a wild man, "Dariush concluded Dariush is aware that he will have to fight with an experienced fighter, who knows what the opponent's shortcomings are, and based on them, Ferguson will prepare the match.

Although he hasn't been in shape lately, Ferguson is still a fighter to be "afraid of" and from whom you can always expect something. Dariush will have a difficult task because Ferguson certainly does not want to be defeated again because of his "name", but the fight does not depend on the "name", but on the fighters